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5 Business Apps We Use Daily

Filed in entrepreneurship — February 6, 2021

When you’re running a business, you’re constantly looking for tools to make your processes streamlined and life easier. The trick is finding what works best for your particular business and clients. Here are a few that we can’t live without:

  1. Trello
    When I open my computer, the first website I open is Trello. It houses all of my admin procedures, client work, client communication, training notes, and more. The most common alternatives to Trello are Clickup and Asana. Because Trello is more user-friendly, I use it for all of my client-facing work.
  2. Dubsado
    We use Dubsado for client management. It captures leads on our website, and we also use it to send contracts and invoices. This tool works great for automizing your client process. There are many other tools we don’t use as often – such as booking appointments, tracking finances, or client communication. You can learn more about Dubsado here. Honeybook is another common alternative to Dubsado. I’ll be honest – I’ve never used it! Dubsado works well for me, and I didn’t want to change a system that’s already working well!
  3. Flodesk
    Flodesk is an absolutely gorgeous email marketing platform! With pre-made beautiful designs and fonts, Flodesk is the perfect tool to set up workflows and nurture sequences for your email subscribers. MailChimp or CovertKit are two alternatives to Flodesk, but because I’m a designer, I value a beautiful interface SO much – something that I didn’t see with MailChimp or CovertKit. Learn more about Flodesk and receive 50% off for LIFE here.
  4. Lightroom
    You can download Lightroom on your phone without having an Adobe subscription. If you’re looking to keep your Instagram photos aesthetically-consistent, you can download Adobe Lightroom presets to apply to your photos on Etsy, and even some of your favorite influencers might sell their own!
  5. Quickbooks
    I use Quickbooks to track all of my expenses. You can integrate bank accounts to fully track every income and expense. It also makes your accountant’s life so much easier to have everything tracked before tax season.

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