6 Instagram Highlight Ideas for Service Providers

Filed in entrepreneurship — April 23, 2021

Are you a photographer, social media manager, real estate agent, accountant, business coach, or other service provider stumped with what to post on your Instagram highlights?

As an Instagram manager, I always include Instagram Highlights into my client’s strategy. It is one of the first things a visitor will see on your profile, and it gives you another chance to capture attention and stand apart from others in your industry.

These are six Instagram Highlight ideas you should add to your profile as a service provider.

1. How to Work With You / Services

A profile visitor should already know the gist of your services by reading your bio and looking at your profile grid but have a highlight where you provide more detail into your offerings. If you’re a photographer – what sessions can someone book with you? Wedding? Engagements? Portraits? If you’re a business coach, do you only take 1:1 coaching clients or do you offer mastermind sessions as well? This is information a visitor to your profile should easily be able to find.

At the end of this Highlight, provide a call-to-action. If someone is interested in your service, what is the next step? Should they send you a DM? Fill out the contact form on your website? Give them directions on the best way to contact you.

2. Reviews / Testimonials

Having reviews as a service provider is so important! It’s proof from others that your services are valuable, and I know positive reviews have influenced me to make purchases in the past! Most clients will be happy to provide you with a review if asked!

Whether you provide screenshots of testimonials from your Facebook page or share reviews in an on-brand graphic, this is always something I look for in a service provider before booking!

3. Behind-the-Scenes / Lifestyle

If you’re a solopreneur, this is essential. People like to buy from those they know, like, and trust. The easiest way to build trust with your audience is to share more about who you are! Post about your day-to-day life: a new coffee shop you tried, a behind-the-scenes of an upcoming project, your workspace for the day, and don’t be afraid to show your face on camera in a video!

Not only does this position you as a relatable person, it showcases your interests and your personality. Personally, I’m more likely to invest in someone whose personality aligns with mine. If you don’t showcase this to your audience, you’re missing an opportunity for connection!

4. Industry Tips

If you’re selling a course, membership, or providing a service to someone, then you likely have a decent knowledge of your industry! Share it!

You can share infographics or tips created with design templates. However, to take full advantage of the Tips highlight, record a video of yourself sharing a tip and post it to your stories! Share your personality on video. By sharing these tips, you position yourself as an expert in your field. After a user watches your story and learns something from it, they may be tempted to see what other value you provide through your paid services!

5. Blog Updates

Do you share updates when a blog goes live to your IG feed but not your stories? You may be missing out on loads of readers.

The single feed post that announces your new blog will eventually become buried in your grid with new content. However, story highlights allow this blog promotion to gain continuous exposure. If you have the Swipe-Up feature on your stories, you should especially be using this feature with a direct link to the blog. You are guaranteed to have blog readers from your highlights.

6. Upcoming

If you host Clubhouse rooms, IG Lives, or local events in your city, I recommend adding an Upcoming tab to your highlights. You can even include upcoming open project dates, workshop dates, etc. It’s a great way to promote events to users who may not already be following you and just visited your profile. It also gives your audience an opportunity to connect with you in a way other than through your DMs.

Pro Tip: Add a countdown button to these stories so your audience can choose to be notified of the start time. When the event starts, you’ll have an audience prepared to participate.

I hope this sparked new ideas on creative ways to use your Instagram highlights! If this inspired you to update your highlights, I would love to see your progress; tag me on Instagram @morningcupofmedia. Please share this with any fellow business owners who need to improve their IG Highlight game.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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