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8 Must-Haves on Your Website as a Freelancer

Filed in web design — June 21, 2021

If you’re a freelancer – photographer, designer, social media manager, etc. – I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘saturated market‘ at one point or another. You know, when there are so many other service providers in the industry, why would someone choose you?

If a visitor lands on your website and 1.) are turned off by the aesthetics (or lack thereof) of your website or 2.) can’t quickly find the information they’re looking for, they’re probably going to pursue a different creator in this ‘saturated’ market to hire – someone who had all necessary information in one place on an easy-to-use and informative site.

If you don’t want to lose clients to a poorly-designed website, here are eight must-haves on your site as a freelancer:

Easy Navigation

Your audience should easily know where to find all of the necessary information on your site. If they’re unable to find a place to book with you, they’re simply going to leave your site and find somebody else – no questions asked.

Ensure all of your links are working properly. Have buttons to navigate from one page to the next everywhere – guide your consumer through your desired journey on your website. The website should be crazy easy to navigate. Crazy. Easy.

Pro Tip: There are tools online such as Hotjar that allow you to track how users are navigating your website in real-time. It’s worth checking out to confirm that your user experience is effective.


After I started sharing my prices on my website, I only was being contacted by pre-qualified leads. While some may not agree with this strategy, you’re wasting both your time & your potential client’s time by not having prices on your site if you’re way over their budget.

Don’t be scared to share your service investment on your site. If you price per client, I still recommend having a starting at $XXX amount on your site. No more sending out proposals only to be ghosted by clients who can’t yet invest in your services. Instead, clients know the investment prior to contacting you and are likely warmer leads than a potential client just casually interested in your prices.

Reviews / Testimonials / Case Studies

What better way to prove to potential clients that you can achieve results than through case studies and testimonials? If you’re a photographer, share reviews from your clients on how great you were to work with! For small business accountants, you can share how much money you saved a client on taxes.

The key here is to show the actual results. Share the screenshot of the results you achieved for your client on Instagram. Include a link to the gallery you just photographed. While adding all of this information to your site may seem like a daunting, time-consuming task, this information has the potential to sell someone on your services without even reaching out to you first! It’s well worth it.

Professional Photos

A professional brand photographer can help capture your brand story. Stories sell. Photos help a potential client better connect to a brand – and, as many of us already know, people buy from those they know, like, and trust. (This is why influencer marketing is such a profitable industry!)

If you’re not able to afford a professional photographer at the moment, consider an exchange of creative services! You offer the photographer [two free months of Instagram content, three 1:1 business coaching sessions, etc] and, in return, you receive a one-hour brand photoshoot with edited images. The extra time you’ll spend holding up your end of the deal will be repaid with sales from clients forming a deeper, more personal connection with you!

Call-to-Actions Everywhere

Guide your audience where you want them to go on your website. Likely, this is a “book now” or “contact” page. Call-to-actions should be everywhere in your site to encourage visitors to interact with you.

Pro Tip: Use color theory when designing your webpage! Use one eye-popping color in your palette for your call-to-actions on your website and ONLY use this color for your call-to-action buttons.

Professional Domain and Email

Y’all, I’m sorry, but if you’re not willing to invest $6/month for an email address or $8/month for a WordPress site, how can you expect your clients to invest their money in you?

Invest in the domain name and a basic website. Invest in the professional email address. Period.

Description of Services

This one is obvious, I get it. Describe your services – what you do and who you do it for. We’ve all heard this.

But I’m going to add a little extra *spice* here. Not only should you provide a brief description of your services, but you should be crystal clear on how your services solve your client’s problems. Sure, clients like to hear what you can do. But clients love to hear how it helps them.

Dig deep on this. Don’t use the cop-out answer of ‘saving you time’ for virtual assistants or ‘capturing your memories’ for a photographer. Anybody in your industry can use these blanket terms for how they can help their client. Really think about this and why you specifically can help this potential client better than anyone. Once you determine this, you will sell your services.

Ways to Connect With You

I highly recommend having a contact form on your website. Many web services have built-in contact forms, or you can embed a form from your CRM such as Honeybook or Dubsado directly on your website. This gives your potential client a very easy way to connect with you further, rather than having to reach out on social media for information or scour your website for an email address.

IF you don’t have a contact form on your website, I would at least recommend creating a hyperlink for your email address. Even though this seems like a small step, you want to make your potential client’s journey as easy as possible to connect with you.

If you’re interested in a completely free website audit, please visit my contact page and fill out the form! In the ‘Comments’ section, please express your interest in the web audit and include your current website. Then, I’ll send over the audit with a few suggestions! Looking forward to connecting with you soon!

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