We're a modern design studio with an underlying love for artistic, timeless, and romantic designs. Just as we believe happiness lies in finding the beauty in the mundane moments of life, we seek to create beauty in the otherwise 'mundane' moments in your business.

We create brands that extend far beyond color palettes and logos. Morning Cup of Media crafts experiences. Experiences that humanize your brand and attract the dreamiest of clients. Experiences that romanticize every touchpoint in your client experience, no matter how small. Experiences that make your brand memorable long after your final offboarding email. 

It's time to build the brand you've always dreamed about. Grab your drink of choice (I'll be opting for an iced caramel latte), and let's tell your story through intentional design. 

welcome to morning cup of media



I’m a modern designer and social media maven with an artistic, feminine aesthetic. I believe branding is an unstoppable force for good in small business, and I’ve committed my skills to making your brand memorable. I’m a small town Minnesota girl who grew up dreaming about working at a café in Paris one day & a rooftop happy hour in NYC the next. These days, though, you'll probably find me at my favorite local coffee shop in a sundress and messy bun, happily working until the sun goes down.


hey, i'm lauren!

Lauren put her heart into my branding. She even included some bonus assets! Now I am proud to show off my branding and show up as an authority in the space. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to up level their business

Morning Cup of Media


Micah L.

Working with Lauren on my brand and website design was an amazing experience. She brought to life the vision I had for my brand and created the perfect website to go along with it. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to invest in elevating their business with a top notch branding process.

Morning Cup of Media


Geisha G.

Overall my mind is blown and I'm SOOO grateful to Lauren for guiding me to rechange my name and I'm thrilled with where I am now. I feel like this will give me the professional appearance I crave to help attract the right audience. Big virtual hugs!!!!!

Morning Cup of Media


Amanda L.

love notes

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