Ever walked into a room where the light dances through the windows, casting a soft glow on a table set with farmer's market flowers? Fresh espresso in thrifted mugs and homemade chocolate croissants making you feel.... perfectly at home?

about the studio

It's this sincere, wholesome warmth that we weave into every brand and website we craft, creating spaces that invite you to settle in and stay awhile.

While these moments are what we all cherish, the day-to-day of running a business often looks quite different. Maybe for you, it's late nights fueled by coffee while you struggle with DIY branding or wrestle with a stubborn website template (for the third time this year)

It's time for a change, one where your brand and website aren't just tasks on your to-do list but a showcase of who you are. It's time to break free from the relentless hustle culture, always telling you to do more.

Together, we'll create a space that allows you to do less but be more - more present, more impactful, more profitable, more you.

mornings spent here

fresh flowers, always


my one true love

I'm Lauren, the visionary behind Morning Cup of Media. My creative path started at 15-years-old, with a humble blog where tweaking the design was just as fulfilling as writing itself. Though I briefly studied neuroscience in college, fascinated by the intricacies of human behavior, I eventually pursued Strategic Communications, where I was able to merge my analytical mind and creative mind. Where my creativity was seen as a strength. 

My real passion for branding and web design sparked in a cozy Minneapolis cafe, where my side hustle transformed into an undeniable passion for brand and website design. 


Welcome to My Online Home

Lauren Salonek

with love,

Now, from my home office, often filled with the aroma of brewing coffee and fresh flowers, I help entrepreneurs create brands and websites that resonate by combining my love for human behavior with the art of visual storytelling. 

When I'm not crafting designs or streamlining my Notion dashboard, you can find me in a local coffee shop, Kindle in one hand, a perfectly crafted latte in the other, losing track of time in a good story.

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Imagine a comforting note from a dear friend arriving every Monday morning - that’s what Letters from Lauren offers. It’s your weekly dose of comfort and encouragement, brimming with insights on cultivating a brand that’s true-to-you, creative journal prompts, and self-care tips. Start your week with a moment of warmth and reflection, making every Monday a little brighter.

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