Whether it’s by fighting with a website template in vain, putting off building your social media because you just don’t know what to post, or scratching your head because that Canva logo you designed isn’t attracting your target market…chances are you’ve experienced that “I can’t do this anymore” moment. 

We’ve all been there. And I get it. Truth is: DIYing your brand presence is fine...until it’s not. 

And I’ve got some good news: you’ve cried into your wine at 2am for the last time. When you’re ready for branding rooted in art and strategy that converts browsers into buyers, strategic posts that boost engagement, and a website that has you singing your URL from the rooftops - bring me in. 

hey you - yes you!

I’m Lauren Salonek, and I started Morning Cup of Media because I saw a gap in the creative market. I noticed some people had stunning websites and branding, but it didn’t transfer into their social media channels and vice versa. I believe you can (and should) have both, and my background in UX, graphic design, and communication made me uniquely qualified to fill that space. 

But more than anything, I consider myself your #1 hype woman in business, because I know how powerful it is to have someone believe in and support your vision. I’m on a mission to bring small business dreams to life in big ways. You ready?

See what i do

i started morning cup of media:

at spyhouse coffee in minneapolis.

the painting that made me fall in love with art:

rain's rustle in the city

as a kid, i wanted to be:

an author

my go-to coffee order:

iced caramel latte

I'll never get tired of watching:

New Girl


seattle, washington


Speed Dating


Lauren put her heart into my branding. She even included some bonus assets! Now I am proud to show off my branding and show up as an authority in the space. I'd recommend her to anyone looking to up level their business

Morning Cup of Media


Micah L.

Working with Lauren on my brand and website design was an amazing experience. She brought to life the vision I had for my brand and created the perfect website to go along with it. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to invest in elevating their business with a top notch branding process.

Morning Cup of Media


Geisha G.

Overall my mind is blown and I'm SOOO grateful to Lauren for guiding me to rechange my name and I'm thrilled with where I am now. I feel like this will give me the professional appearance I crave to help attract the right audience. Big virtual hugs!!!!!

Morning Cup of Media


Amanda L.

love notes

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